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1294655 ADM BRO Solstice L40X A4 IT 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice L40X A4 FR 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice L40X A4 ES 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice L40X A4 EN 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice L40X A4 DE 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice-L41y A4 IT 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice-L41y A4 DE 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice-L41y A4 ES 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice-L41y A4 FR 1294655 ADM BRO Solstice-L41y A4 EN Retrofit Guideline – R-124 to Solstice® N15 (R-515B) (162 KB) Solstice® L40X Technical Brochure_EN Solstice® L41y Brochure_EN Solstice® L41y Brochure_DE Solstice® L41y Brochure_ES Solstice® L41y Brochure_FR Solstice® L41y Brochure_IT Honeywell Solstice® N13 brochure_EN (1 MB) Honeywell Solstice® N13 Brochure_DE Honeywell Solstice® N13 Brochure_ES Honeywell Solstice® N13 brochure_FR (970 KB) Honeywell Solstice® N13 Brochure_IT Honeywell Solstice® N40 brochure_EN Honeywell Solstice® N40 Brochure_DE Honeywell Solstice® N40 Brochure_ES Honeywell Solstice® N40 brochure_FR Honeywell Solstice® N40 Brochure_IT Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_EN (974 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_DE (976 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_ES (1,014 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_FR (1,014 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_IT (1,003 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solution Brochure_TR (1,003 KB) Smart Refrigeration Solutions – Brochure (Italian) Honeywell Refrigerants Roadmap_EN_2018 (1 MB) Honeywell Refrigerants Roadmap_DE_2019 (634 KB) Honeywell Refrigerants Roadmap_FR_2019 (1 MB) Honeywell Refrigerants Roadmap_IT_2019 (1 MB) Honeywell Solstice® N13: Food Cooperative Looks to a Greener Future, 2016 (747 KB) Honeywell Solstice® ze case study, Unes/U2 Supermarket Chain, Feb. 2016 (778 KB) Honeywell Solstice® N40 References, Aug. 2015 Honeywell Solstice N40 Retrofit Guidelines July 2016 (728 KB) Solstice N40 – comparison of capacity, efficiency and glide (April 2015) Solstice N40 – Eigenschaften-Leitfaden und Umrüstung Genetron Performax Özellikler, Kurallar ve Uyarlamalar (349 KB) Genetron Performax Propiedades y reconversiones (358 KB) Genetron Performax Retrofit Guidelines English Sept. 2014 (833 KB) Genetron Performax Eigenschaften, Leitfaden und Umrüstung (295 KB) R-404A LGWP replacements in commercial refrigeration – Oct. 2014 R-404A Alternatives: Technical Considerations – September 2014 Heat Recovery in Food Processing with Solstice® ze Refrigerant – September 2014 (762 KB) 10 Facts about R-404A Replacements in Commercial Refrigeration – September 2014 (1 MB) F Gas Regulation and R-404A alternatives, June 2014 Technology Issues Regarding Blends of Refrigerants – September 2012 (989 KB) New Refrigeration Cold Storage Plant is Loaded with Performax® LT in Rodez (153 KB) Innovative Refrigerant Reduces Emissions, Enhances Energy Efficiency and Supports Sustainability – June 2011 Moving Beyond Environmental Compliance to Sustainable Best Practice – September 2012 (458 KB) Gaining Competitive Advantage through Improved Energy Efficiency and Reduced Environmental Impact – September 2012 (757 KB) Innovation and Originality Drive Food & Beverage Sustainability – November 2012 (786 KB) GEA Bock Compressor for Refrigerant R407F Presentation – September 2012 (1 MB) Evaluation of Available Refrigeration Systems in the Retail Sector – IOR, October 2012 (180 KB) More than an Alternative – GEA Bock compressors for the New Refrigerant R407F – GEA, October 2012 (1 MB) Copeland Scroll™ and Stream Semi-Hermatic with Refrigerant R407F – Copeland, October 2012 (1 MB) Low GWP Replacements for R404A in Commercial Refrigeration Applications Paper – November 2012 (211 KB)