Solstice® L41y (R-452B)

Solstice® L41y (R-452B) is a non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend designed to serve as a low GWP alternative to R-410A in positive displacement comfort air cooling and reversible heating applications. A key feature of Solstice L41y is its 67 % lower GWP with similar efficiency and matching capacity to R-410A, helping to further minimize the redesign costs and capital expenditures. The design compatibility of Solstice L41y enables OEMs to transition their R-410A equipment to a lower GWP alternative faster. Solstice L41y discharge temperature is much lower than R-32 and very close to the R-410A indicating that discharge temperature mitigation may not be required. Solstice L41y has lower mass flow rate than R-410A, which leads to a lower pressure drop and eliminates potential design cost increase in the heat exchanger. Applications Solstice L41y is the most optimized R-410A replacement that provides the best energy performance and lowest A2L flammability characteristics. Even though both R-32 and Solstice L41y are classified as A2L “mildly flammable”, lower flammability properties of Solstice L41y become important especially in product selection process for larger charge size equipment such as rooftop units, VRF systems etc. Thanks to its higher critical temperature (77.1 °C) and broader operating envelope in low evaporating temperatures, Solstice L41y outperforms other alternatives such as R-32 in heating mode and in high ambient conditions in a variety of applications such as Direct expansion (DX) chillers, High pressure heat pumps (Air Source and Ground Source), Split Air-Conditioning units and Commercial packaged systems (such as Rooftop units, VRF).
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General Information

Item Specification
Class A2L
Refrigerant Type Zeotropic blend
Replaces R-410A
REACH Registered

Physical Properties

Property Value
Chemical Notation 67 % R- 32/ 7% R-125 / 26% R-1234yf
Appearance Colourless
Critical Temperature (°C) 77.1
Critical Pressure (bar) 52.2
Critical Density (kg/m³) 443.77
Critical Volume (m³/kg) 0.00225
Liquid Density (kg/m³) 0°C 1092.0
GWP rev /4th IPCC 698
GWP rev /5TH IPCC 675
ODP (ODP-R11-1) 0.00
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