F-Gas Regulation A new F-gas Regulation applies from 1 January 2015 and it is a game changer for the whole refrigeration industry. It limits the amount of HFCs which can be placed on the market in the EU from 2015 onwards. It will also introduce bans on the use of certain F-gases based on GWP and date for both new equipment and for service. HFOs (hydro-fluoro-olefins) are an entirely new class of molecules developed by Honeywell that have ultra-low global warming potentials and are non-ozone depleting. Moreover, they are not defined as HFCs and therefore are not subject to bans or phase down. Honeywell recommends to
  • Avoid buying new equipment that uses a refrigerant with high GWP
  • Move to low GWP alternative as soon as possible to be sure to have supplies of products. Find the best product for your application here.
  • If direct move to low GWP HFOs is not possible, an alternative is to move to lower GWP blends, such as Genetron Performax® LT (R-407F).
  • As a consumer of F-gases, ensure you have a long term supply agreement with a reputable producer or distributor
  • When searching for as refrigerant replacement, consider the 4 important aspects: environmental impact, performance, safety and cost to purchase and serve
Download our F-gas regulation leaflet for a brief overview of how F-Gas regulation will impact you or contact us if you have specific questions on supplies. You can also check our case studies to see how Honeywell is helping customers comply. For more information on F-gas regulation visit the website of European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) or watch video featuring key information on refrigerants and fluorinated gases: Watch Video To access the full F-gas Regulation in different languages please visit the dedicated website of European Commission.