Solstice® 454B (R-454B)

Solstice® 454B (R-454B) is a non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend designed to serve as a lower GWP alternative to R-410A in reversible chillers and heat pump applications. A key feature of Solstice 454B is its 78% lower GWP (466), with improved efficiency and matching capacity to R-410A, that enables OEMs to transition their R-410A equipment to a lower GWP alternative conveniently. Solstice 454B discharge temperature is much lower than R-32, indicating that discharge temperature mitigation may not be required. Thanks to its higher critical temperature (77°C) and broader operating envelope in low evaporating temperatures, Solstice 454B outperforms other alternatives such as R-32 in heating applications.
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General Information

Item Specification
Class A2L
Refrigerant Type Zeotropic blend
Typical Lubricant POE
Replaces R-410A
Formula R-1234yf / R-32 (31.1% / 69.9%)
LFL (% VOL) 0.303 kg/m³

Physical Properties

Property Value
Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 62.6
Critical Temperature (°C) 77.0
GWP rev /4th IPCC 466
GWP rev /5TH IPCC 467
ODP Non-ozone depleting
REACH Approved
Temperature Glide (K) 1.5
Boiling Temperature (°C) -50.9
Liquid Density at 25°C (kg/m³) 996.5
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