Authorised Dealers – Europe

Honeywell Authorised Dealers – Trusted source of F-Gas compliant refrigerants

As an increase in illegal trade of refrigerants is reported, Honeywell takes efforts to help customers ensure where to find and purchase Honeywell`s F-Gas compliant refrigerants. That is why Honeywell introduced the Authorised Dealer program. Honeywell Authorised Dealers are a trusted source of F-Gas compliant refrigerants. By buying from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer, customers can avoid putting their businesses at legal risk of violating the F-Gas Regulation by using an illegal refrigerant. Please report any suspicious offerings of HFCs to the EFCTC Action Line Suspected illegal refrigerants may also be notified directly to the national competent authorities who have the primary responsibility for the enforcement of the F-Gas Regulation. You can find the list of F-Gas national authorities here: Contact List Protect yourself by only purchasing F-Gas compliant refrigerants from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer. Find the full list of Authorised Dealers here: Authorised List uop-hydrogen-page artuop-hydrogen-page art