Authorised Dealers – Europe

Honeywell Authorised Dealers – Trusted source of F-Gas compliant refrigerants

As an increase in illegal trade of refrigerants is reported, Honeywell takes efforts to help customers ensure where to find and purchase Honeywell`s F-Gas compliant refrigerants. That is why Honeywell introduced the Authorised Dealer program.

Honeywell Authorised Dealers are a trusted source of F-Gas compliant refrigerants. By buying from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer, customers can avoid putting their businesses at legal risk of violating the F-Gas Regulation by using an illegal refrigerant.

Any suspicious offerings of HFCs should be notified to the national competent authorities who have the primary responsibility for the enforcement of the F-Gas Regulation. You can find the list of F-Gas national authorities here: Contact List

Protect yourself by only purchasing F-Gas compliant refrigerants from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer. Find the full list of Authorised Dealers here: Authorised List

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