Authorised Dealers – Europe

Honeywell Authorised Dealers – Trusted source of F-gas compliant refrigerants

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As part of Honeywell’s ongoing efforts to actively prevent illegal imports of refrigerants to the EU market and to help customers ensure where to find and purchase Honeywell’s F-gas compliant refrigerants, Honeywell established an Authorised Dealer program.

Honeywell’s Authorised dealers help purchasers ensure they are buying refrigerants that comply with the European Union’s F-gas regulation which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to refrigerants and other materials. The regulation limits the amount of hydrofluorcarbon (HFC) refrigerants, which have high global warming potential (GWP), that can be placed in the EU market from 2015 onwards.

Purchasers of illegally imported refrigerants can face severe fines, audits or even prosecution from EU authorities.

Honeywell Authorised Dealers are a trusted source of F-gas compliant refrigerants. By buying from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer, customers can avoid putting their businesses at legal risk of violating the F-gas regulation by using an illegal refrigerant.

Protect yourself by only purchasing F-Gas compliant refrigerants from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer.

Find the full list of Authorised Dealers selling Honewell’s F-gas regulation compliant refrigerants here: Authorised List