ORC Working Fluids – Plants, Biomass and Geothermal

Heat Recovery Converts to Energy Efficiency with ORC Systems

Recover wasted energy with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) using the best option for working fluid in your system. ORC delivers reliable power with energy producing and operating savings. Low temperature heat and waste heat recovery can improve your business economics while you reduce your CO2 footprint. Our working fluid 245fa offers significant benefits for overall efficiency now, and we’re developing an even more efficient fluid for the future.
ORC Systems Working Fluid Genetron® 245fa Organizations and industries have focused on recovering high temperature heat, but now they’re seeking waste heat recovery from even lower temperature sources (60–300°C). ORC is a highly effective technology for recovering heat and converting it to electrical power. Genetron 245fa has the most favorable properties for low temperature heat recovery systems. Its thermodynamic properties are different than HFCs typically used in refrigeration.
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