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Honeywell Solstice® materials have GWPs 99.9% lower than the products they replace. We estimate that use of Solstice materials will eliminate more than 475 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents by 2025.

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R-22 Replacement: Find the Right Refrigerant Solution

With R-22 being phased out in India, consider switching to available non-ozone depleting R-22 replacements and using our Genetron® offerings.

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No Oil Change Required

For residential A/C, Honeywell Genetron® 422D is the ideal drop-in replacement for R-22. With no oil change or TXV change needed in most installations, an R-22 retrofit with Genetron 422D is as easy as it gets.

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Supermarkets Save Money with Honeywell Genetron Performax® LT

Non-ozone-depleting Performax LT provides increased energy efficiency, the industry’s best capacity and the lowest GWP among commonly used blends, all while matching the mass flow of R-22.

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    Find the Right Refrigerant Solution

    R-22 phase out is causing supplies to tighten and prices to rise. Honeywell offers a broad spectrum of non-ozone depleting refrigerants for every A/C and refrigeration need.

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    Honeywell Innovations

    Past, present and future of Refrigerants

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    Supermarket Refrigeration

    Consider Genetron Performax® LT for new supermarkets or retrofits

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    Residential A/C

    Consider Genetron® 422D or 407C to retrofit residential R-22 units

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    Automobile A/C

    Solstice® yf refrigerant replaces R-134a in mobile A/C applications

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    Download all the technical information, case studies, articles, white papers and our refrigerant system simulation software. Browse Resources

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