Transport Refrigeration

Transportation Cooling Systems in All Weather Extremes

The refrigerant used in transportation systems has to work well in every weather condition, from freezing cold on the open road or rail to sitting idle in the sun on the same day. Honeywell has the right refrigerant for any condition that refrigerated trucks and rail containers travel through. From medium to low temperature range, cooling capacity, efficiency and safety are never at issue. We have the best replacement for R-404A amd HCFC R-22 – Performax® LT (407F). We continue to meet manufacturing needs today and green alternatives in our product pipeline for optimum performance fluids in the future.
Transport Refrigeration Products
Product Name ASHRAE # Product Description
Solstice® 452A R-452A Low GWP and nonflammable alternative to R-404A and R-507 for low- and medium-temperature applications in existing and new systems. Matched compressor discharge temperature of R-404A and R-507 at both low- and medium-temperature conditions. 45% GWP reduction (IPCC 4),close capacity match to R-404A and similar energy efficiency.
Genetron Performax® LT R-407F A long-term, non-ozone depleting replacement for R-22 suitable for medium and low temperature applications. Since Genetron Performax® LT is a close match to R-22, it also serves as a retrofit fluid in refrigeration applications where R-22 is used.
Genetron® 404A R-404A This product has GWP of 3922. The European Commission has a proposal to prohibit refrigerants with GWP >2500 for servicing and maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment. Honeywell recommends selecting Genetron Performax® LT.
Genetron® 134a R-134a Replaces CFC-12 in auto air conditioning and in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. For new equipment.
Genetron® 22 R-22 As an HCFC, this product is being phased out globally. Honeywell recommends using Genetron Performax® LT or one of the Solstice range products.