Solstice® yf Patent Information

Following is a listing of the Honeywell patents under which certain limited rights are granted to purchasers of Honeywell’s Solstice yf product. The patents under which rights are granted are limited by application and in accordance with the terms of the purchased product’s label license. For commercial stationary refrigeration and commercial stationary air conditioning applications: For the US:  USP 7,279,451 USP 7,534,366 USP 8,033,120 For the EU: EP 1 563 032 For Japan: JP 4699758 For automotive air conditioning applications: For the US: US 8,065,882 US 8,033,120 US 7,279,451 US 7,534,366 US 9,157,017 For Europe: EP 1 563 032 EP 1 725 628 For Japan: JP 4571183