Air Conditioning Systems – Residential and Light Commercial

LGWP Refrigerants Match Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Low GWP air conditioning refrigerants meet the demand for more sustainable air conditioning units and systems. As the world heats up, manufacturers and consumers alike want to match energy efficient A/C systems with effective LGWP refrigerants to heat or cool the air around us. Now we’ve introduced an alternative refrigerant, Solstice® L41 with a 75% reduction in GWP to R-410A. It can replace the moderate R-410A cost effectively and easily in residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pumps.
Stationary Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps for Residential and Light Commercial Systems
Product Name ASHRAE # Product Description
Solstice® L41y R-452B Non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend designed to serve as a low GWP alternative to R-410A in positive displacement comfort air cooling and reversible heating applications. A key feature of Solstice L41y is its 67 % lower GWP with similar efficiency and matching capacity to R-410A, helping to further minimize the redesign costs and capital expenditures.
Genetron® 407C R-407C Can be used as a replacement of R-22, however it is strongly recommended to skip this product and use next generation refrigerants.
Genetron® AZ-20 R-410A Widely accepted to replace R-22 in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. For new equipment – not for retrofits.