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Do you hold F-Gas Quota you wish to sell? Do you need help to aggregate Quota to meet your import needs? Talk to us now to use F-Gas Quota most effectively.

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Solstice®L40X: The preferred refrigerant for the fresh fruit market

Solstice® L40X (R-455A) has recently been deployed by Ortolan, a wholesale fruit distributor in southwest France, for its new state-of-the-art storage warehouse.

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"Best Practices for Successful Retrofits with Solstice® N40 (R-448A)" is now available online

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Think about tomorrow today

Honeywell plans to Phase Out R-404A and R-507 in Europe in 2018. We recommend Solstice® N40 (R-448A) and Genetron Performax® LT (R-407F) as the most  advanced substitutes.

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Witnessed suspicious HFC offering?

Please notify your national authority.
Protect yourself by purchasing refrigerants only from a Honeywell Authorised Dealer

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Minimize Utility Costs in Supermarkets and Cold Storage

Honeywell Solstice® N40 (R-448A) is ideal for new supermarkets or R-404A retrofits. Its GWP of 1273 is 66% lower than R-404A.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Honeywell Solstice® materials have GWPs 99.9% lower than the products they replace. We estimate that use of Solstice materials will eliminate more than 475 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents by 2025.

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Solstice® N40: Clear Winner

The superior energy efficiency and reduced GWP of Honeywell Solstice® N40 (R-448A) makes it a clear winner compared to all R-404A replacements available.

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    Honeywell Seizes Product And Sues To Stop Unlicensed Refrigerant Sale And Distribution

    MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., October 29, 2018—Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today reaffirmed its commitment to stop the sale and distribution...

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    Honeywell & Engie Axima Reduce Eurocontrol’s Energy Consumption By More Than 12% With Breakthrough New Cooling System

    BRUSSELS, October 17, 2018 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and ENGIE Axima today released official data on energy and cost savings achieved from its breakthrough new cooling system for EUROCONTROL

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    Arcelik And Honeywell Reduce Climate Impact Of Advanced Clothes-Drying Technology

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    Honeywell Solstice® N13 Refrigerant Deployed By Whirlpool In Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Range

    Birmingham 2nd to 5th Sep 2018

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    Honeywell Launches Solstice® L41y Refrigerant For Air Cooling And Heating Applications

    Honeywell Launches Solstice® L41y Refrigerant For Air Cooling And Heating Applications

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    Take Advantage of Honeywell Ultra Low GWP Refrigerants

    More industries see the business advantage of using lower GWP refrigerants. Honeywell offers Genetron Performax® LT and Solstice HFO refrigerants for every A/C and refrigeration need.


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