Genetron® 22 (R-22)

As an HCFC, this product is being phased out globally. Honeywell recommends using Genetron Performax®LT or one of the Solstice® range products.
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General Information

Item Specification
Class HCFC
Refrigerant Type Molecule
Typical Lubricant MO
Replaces Performax LT, R-407C, R-507
Notes Being phased out globally. Consider: Genetron Performax®LT (R-407F), Genetron® 422D, Genetron® 407C, Genetron® AZ-50 (R-507)

Physical Properties

Property Value
Molecular Weight 86.5
Boiling Point at 1atm (101.3 kPA) -41.5
Chemical Name Chlorodifluoromethane
Chemical Notation CHClF2
Critical Temperature (°C) 96.14
Critical Pressure (bar) 49.9
Liquid Density (kg/m³) 0°C 1190.65
ANSIASHRAE Standard 36-1992 Safety Group Classification A1
Relative Molar Mass (g/mol) 86.47
Vapour Density (kg/m³) 25°C 44.23
GWP 1810
ODP ODP 0.055
ATEL/ODL (kg/m³) 0.21
Practical Limit (kg/m³) 0.3
AIT (°C) 635
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