Genetron Properties Suite

Simulate your system with the right refrigerant and export the results to Excel. Compare performance of multiple refrigerants learn the line sizing and many more – all for free:
  • Now available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian .
  • Run simulations of 12 compression cycles: classical, cascade, multiple stage, liquid injected, vapor injected, transcritical, ORC etc.
  • Learn typical operating conditions for various cycles
  • Compare performance of multiple refrigerants for any cycle in a single step
  • Size the line for refrigeration and air conditioning system with flexibility of evaluating the effect of line size on system capacity and efficiency
  • Calculate properties of various refrigerants
  • Easily generate P-T tables for various refrigerants
Geneton Properties Suite provides results in tabulated form (exportable to Excel) and in diagrams you are used to (Pressure-Enthalpy, Temperature-Entropy). Download this powerful software for free here