Genetron Properties Suite

Genetron v1.4.2 simulates your refrigeration cycle with the right refrigerant and export the results to Excel. Compare performance of multiple refrigerants, learn the line sizing and many more – all for free:
  • Run simulations of 12 compression cycles: simplified cycle, basic refrigeration cycle, suction line-liquid line cycle, MT/LT combined cycle, cascade cycle, ORC, transcritical cycle, liquid injection, vapor injected, cycle with flash tank, pumped CO2, transcritical booster.
  • Users can specify the input intermediate pressure for the two-stage cycle with heat exchanger.
  • Compare performance such as cooling capacity, power consumption, COP, operating pressures of multiple refrigerants for any cycle in a single step based on evaporation, and condensation temperature.
  • Size the line for refrigeration and air conditioning system with flexibility of evaluating the effect of line size on system capacity and efficiency.
  • Calculate properties of various refrigerants
  • New refrigerants added R466A, R515B, R452B, R454B, R513A, R471A
  • Easily generate P-T tables for various refrigerants including.
Genetron Properties v1.4.2 suite provides results in tabulated form (exportable to Excel) and in diagrams you are used to (Pressure-Enthalpy, Temperature-Entropy). Download this powerful software for free.

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