Customer Case Studies

Genetron Performax® LT: R-22 Retrofit Case Study – Schnucks Market

“Genetron Performax® LT is a very good fit for Schnucks because of its lower global warming potential.The constant studying of the carbon footprint leads us to be as careful as possible to keep ours as small as we can make it.” »

Bob Smith, Operations Director, Schnucks Markets, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri

Genetron Performax® LT: R-22 Retrofit Case Study – Sprouts

“We were trying to find a refrigerant we could drop in and run the same as R-22. We looked at other proposals. Everyone else was proposing to change out valves. When we talked to Honeywell, they said with Genetron Performax® LT we could use the same valves. That was a plus.” »

Frank Davis, Refrigeration Energy Manager, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Phoenix, Arizona

Genetron Performax® LT: R-22 Retrofit Case Study – Weaver Markets

“We looked at several refrigerants to replace the R22 that we were using in Weaver Markets’ freezer cases before choosing Genetron Performax® LT. Performax LT was the best option because it performs better than R22 and we didn’t have to do any system modifications,which would have driven up costs, taken more time and disrupted store operations.” »

DwainWeaver, Director of Refrigeration Operations, Triangle Refrigeration, Leola, Pennsylvania

Genetron ST-20 Flush Case Study – Aabbott Ferraro

“Genetron ST20 Flush® works as well as R11 and it’s just as easy to use.We tested it on a several old line sets before taking it into the field and it did an excellent job. There wasn’t any residue at all.” »

Nick Steckhahn Sr., Aabbott Ferraro Heating, Cooling and Appliances, Roseville, Minnesota