Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems

Genetron® 245fa: Today’s Choice for ORC Working Fluid

Improve your business economics while reducing your carbon footprint. You can recover low temperature waste heat and convert it to electrical power with an ORC system using Genetron® 245fa as a working fluid.

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Reduce CO2 Emissions Economically

Companies and organizations of every size, in every industry and on every continent are turning to ORC – Organic Rankine Cycle systems. Converting low temperature heat to energy is good business and good for the environment.

Genetron® 245fa is a proven working fluid in Organic Rankine Cycle systems. Whether used in waste heat recovery for geothermal industries, power generation systems, industrial processes or transportation, ORC systems that use Honeywell’s working fluid increase the amount of clean energy and reduces CO2 emissions. ORC systems using Genetron® 245fa can deliver 5-8% higher efficiency, improving your return on ORC investment.

Genetron® 245fa thermodynamic properties reduce ORC size and costs, lowering your capital investments. If you’re facing high electric rates or growing demand charges, ORC with Genetron® 245fa working fluid offers both a solution and an opportunity.

Also, its non-flammability can lead to substantial reduction in end user investment costs compared with flammable alternatives.

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Genetron Refrigerants as Working Fluids for ORC


Product Name ASHRAE # Product Description
Genetron® 245fa R-245fa A non-ozone depleting candidate replacement for CFC-11 in centrifugal chillers. For new equipment.
Genetron® 134a R-134a Replaces CFC-12 in auto air conditioning and in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. For new equipment.