Customer Case Studies

Genetron ST-20 Flush Case Study – Aabbott Ferraro

“Genetron ST20 Flush® works as well as R11 and it’s just as easy to use.We tested it on a several old line sets before taking it into the field and it did an excellent job. There wasn’t any residue at all.”

Nick Steckhahn Sr., Aabbott Ferraro Heating, Cooling and Appliances, Roseville, Minnesota

Nick Steckhahn has been looking for the right solvent for flushing air conditioning systems since the R11 refrigerant was banned in 1995. He thinks he may have found it in Honeywell’s new Genetron ST20 Flush®.

“We had tried a variety of cleaning methods over the years, but we had not found anything that worked as well as R11 and was also safe, costeffective and easytouse,” Nick said. “Then I came across Genetron ST20 Flush on the Internet and called Honeywell for more information.”

What Nick got instead was an invitation to join a select group of HVAC installers and servicers to preview the newest member of Honeywell’s Genetron® family of refrigerants in the summer of 2009.

Genetron ST20 Flush is engineered especially for flushing air conditioning systems after a compressor burnout or as part of a system retrofit or R410 conversion. HVAC techs use Genetron ST20 Flush just like they used R11 to wash away sludge, residue and particulates, leaving line sets and components as clean as new. But, unlike R11, Genetron ST20 Flush has zero ozonedepleting potential.

“We tried Genetron ST20 Flush on some old line sets in the shop before we took it into the field,” Nick said. “Then we took the line sets apart and we couldn’t find any residue whatsoever.We didn’t have to use a lot of the product to get a really clean line.” Genetron ST20 Flush is priced below competing products, which is good news for HVAC installers and servicers.

“But the real advantage comes from knowing that you have a good clean line set, expansion valves and other components so the system works right and continues to perform,” Nick emphasized. “That’s what our customers want and expect from Aabbott Ferrara. Also, service calls and warranty work cost us money and keep our guys from doing work that generates income for the company.”

To learn more about how Genetron ST20 Flush can help you grow your bottom line and do a better job for your HVAC customers, give us a call at 18006318138 or visit .

Nick Steckhahn has more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC and appliance businesses. He formed Aabbott Ferraro in 1971. His son, Nick Jr. runs the daytoday operations of the company, which had billings of about $1 million last year. Based in Roseville, MN, a suburb of St. Paul, Aabbott Ferraro is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer.