Residential A/C

R-22 Replacement in Residential Air Conditioning

New residential air conditioning units can only use R-410A, but older units running R-22 still exist. Talk to contractors about retrofitting R-22 residential A/C units with Genetron® 422D or 407C.

Supplies of R-22 are set to be reduced every year until 2020 when R-22 will no longer be available. Review Honeywell’s non-ozone-depleting alternatives to determine which R-22 replacement is right for you.

Product Name ASHRAE # Product Description
Genetron® 422D R-422D A long-term non-ozone depleting replacement for HCFC in low- and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems. Suitable for direct expansion evaporators. Do not use in systems that employ flooded evaporators. For new equipment and retrofits.
Genetron® 407C R-407C A long-term, non-ozone depleting replacement for R-22 in various air-conditioning applications as well as in positive displacement refrigeration systems. For new equipment and retrofits. Not recommended for use in chillers with a flooded evaporator.
Genetron® AZ-20® R-410A Widely accepted to replace R-22 in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. For new equipment – not for retrofits.
Genetron® 22 R-22 As a refrigerant, operates with higher system pressures but low compressor displacement. Popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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