Genetron® 124

Being phased out globally. A medium pressure refrigerant for chiller applications and cooling systems for high-ambient conditions.

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General Information

Item Specification
ASHRAE # R-124
Class HCFC
Substitutes CFC-12
Notes Being phased out globally. Consider: Genetron Performax® LT (R-407F), Genetron® 422D, Genetron® 407C, Genetron® AZ-50 (R-507)

Physical Properties

Property Value
Chemical Name Chlorotetrafluoroethane
Chemical Notation  CHClFCF3
Molecular Weight 136.5
Boiling Point (°C) -11.9
Freezing Point (°C) -198.9
Critical Temperature (°C) 122.3
Critical Pressure (bar) 36.24
Liquid Density (kg/m³) 0°C 1437.01
Specific Heat of Liquid @ Constant Pressure @ 25°C (kJ/(kg.K)) 1.1346
Specific Heat of Vapor @ Constant Pressure @ 25°C (kJ/(kg.K)) 0.8191
Vapour Density (kg/m³) 25°C 5.58
GWP 609
ODP 0.022
ATEL/ODL (kg/m³) 0.056
Practical Limit (kg/m³) 0.11
Flammable range, %vol. in air (Based on ASHRAE Standard 34 with Match Ignition) Not Classified
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