SOLSTICE® N15 (R-515B)

Solstice N15 (R-515B) is a nonflammable azeotropic blend designed for chillers, heat pumps and high-ambient air conditioning systems.

With a GWP of 293 (4th IPCC), this hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) blend demonstrates environmental and performance benefits in new systems whilst its similar product design to R1234ze provides a long-term solution that is suitable for both A1 and A2L refrigerants.
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General Information

Item Specification
Class A1
Refrigerant Type Azeotropic blend
Typical Lubricant POE
Replaces R-134a / R-227ea / R-124
Formula R-1234ze / R-227ea (91.1% / 8.9%)
LFL (% VOL) Non-flammable

Physical Properties

Property Value
Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 117.48
Critical Temperature (°C) 108.7
Critical Pressure (bar) 35.8
Liquid Density (kg/m³) 0°C 1258.4
GWP rev /4th IPCC 293
GWP rev /5TH IPCC 299
Relative Molar Mass (g/mol) 52.02
Vapour Density (kg/m³) 25°C 27.1
ODP Non-ozone depleting
REACH Approved
Temperature Glide (K) 0 K
Boiling Temperature (°C) -18.9
Liquid Density at 25°C (kg/m³) 1179.8
Vapour Density at boiling point (kg/m³) 52.02
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