Solstice® 456A

Solstice® 456A provides an easy-to-use, economical, drop-in service solution for vehicles manufactured before 2017 that currently use 134a. It is an HFC/HFO blend with similar performance to R-134A, helping to meet the needs of vehicle owners and auto repair shops amid ongoing climate-related legislation from the EU.

General Information

Item Specification

Physical Properties

Property Value
Composition HFO-1234ze(E)/R-134a/R-32
Weight % 49.0/45.0/6.0
Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 101.4 g/mol
Boiling Point at 1atm (101.3 kPA) -30.8 °C
Critical Temperature (°C) 102.7 °C
Critical Pressure (bar) 4175 kPa [abs]
Liquid Density at 21.1 °C (70 °F) 1178.4 kg/m3