RAC Award for Solstice® Refrigerants

Solstice low-global-warming refrigerants won the Low Carbon Achievement Award at 10th RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

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R404A - The End of an Era coming

Have you missed the webinar on R-404A alternatives? Download the presentation for a comparative assessment and technical considerations of R-404A alternatives.

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F-gas Regulation

From January 1, 2015, the F-gas regulation is in force. This vital law influences the refrigeration industry for next decades. Honeywell offers products helping you comply.

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Supermarkets Save with Genetron Performax® LT

Use the Genetron Performax LT (R-407F) advantage - it reduces emissions, enhances energy efficiency and delivers the same performance as R-22. It’s also the most efficient replacement for R-404A in supermarket refrigeration retrofits that complies with the F-gas review proposal.

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Solstice® ze: All Purpose Alternative Cool

It’s an energy-efficient, safe alternative to traditional refrigerants in chillers for supermarkets, commercial buildings, and other applications from heat pumps to CO₂ cascade systems. Solstice ze (HFO 1234ze) is an energy-efficient option for your application.

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Taking the Lead: Automobile Air Conditioning

Automakers can meet EU low GWP requirements for auto air conditioning refrigerant with Solstice® yf refrigerant, a near drop-in replacement solution developed by Honeywell. With a GWP of 1, it exceeds EU climate protection goals.

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    Solstice® N40: Reduced GWP and higher energy efficiency

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    Groupe Auchan Case Study – usage of Solstice® N13

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    Honeywell Launches Digital Tools To Help Transition To F-Gas Regulation Compliant Refrigerants

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    Genetron Performax® Retrofitting Guidelines available in more languages

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    Trane and Honeywell Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Energy Efficient Series E™ CenTraVac™ Using Solstice® zd

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    R-404A LGWP replacements in commercial refrigeration – Oct. 2014

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    LGWP alternatives for A/C in high ambient – Oct. 2014

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    LGWP refrigerants for chillers – Oct. 2014

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    Solstice Refrigerants Roadmap

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    R-404A Alternatives: Technical Considerations

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    10 Facts about R-404A Replacements in Commercial Refrigeration

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    Take Advantage of Honeywell Ultra Low GWP Refrigerants

    More industries see the business advantage of using lower GWP refrigerants. Honeywell offers Genetron Performax® LT and Solstice HFO refrigerants for every A/C and refrigeration need.


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